First of all, thank you for considering us to make your ideas reality! We look forward to each and every commission we get, and do our best to give you exactly what you are looking for. Although we are open for commissions, we have a few “rules” in place. Please read this section over carefully before contacting us.

When commissioning an item, both the buyer and seller have responsibilities to take care of. These exist to help us provide you with exactly what you are looking for, and to help you along with the process of requesting work. Here is a general list of our policies, promises, and expectations regarding potential commissions:



We are always happy to show you progress pictures of your order, and we promise to update you as soon as something on your order is completed and available for you to see. However, please don’t constantly ask us about how your order is coming along. Direct all fursuit/commission related questions to our business email ( and we promise to get back to you as soon as we possibly can. Keep in mind, these orders come secondary to our regular jobs!


We require some kind of concept art and/or description before we give you a quote for a plushie or hat. The prices on our site are only starting prices, and are subject to change depending on complexity. Please don’t ask us how much for something if we have not seen some sort of concept art. You can approve it or have us change it before we start your order. Once we agree on the design that’s what we’ll be making. If you want something different, you could always get another commission!

While we can work with rough sketches and crude drawings, please do not send us artwork that was not drawn for you, or is of another character or fursuit. We also do not accept pictures of real animals. These things are NOT concept art, and you will be asked to get or make your own.


For larger/expensive orders, we do allow payment plans. If you choose to make payments, then we will negotiate a down payment for security and to cover material costs. This down payment is a non-refundable deposit that will be used toward the balance. The remainder must be paid before we ship your product.


We will not reproduce copyrighted characters/material unless you own the rights. That includes characters from video games, cartoons, anime, and similar media. Any copyrighted characters you see on this site were made for our personal use and are not for sale.


We put our word behind our work! If something breaks that shouldn’t within two months after you receive it, we’ll repair it for free. However, we can’t be responsible for negligence. Email us if something comes up, and we will gladly discuss it with you.

If you need to send something back, please be clean. We are not a cleaning service! Please make sure if you send us something back for repairs that we can actually work with it. If your item is too dirty to work with we will not hesitate to send it back unrepaired. Febreze and Endbac are your best friends! We also recommend Folex to those who have white fur that has gotten a little dirty.